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Scales for diabetics Beurer DS 61 in Khmelnitsky online store Mhealth

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Scales for diabetics Beurer DS 61,NULL,NULL,NULL
Warranty 0 month
Brand Medtronic
The Scales are multifunctional device that controls your food as a whole. Kitchen scales Beurer DS 61 are used to weigh food and as a result to control your nutrition. Scale measurement step an accuracy - 1 g. An important advantage of the Beurer DS61 is storing information in the memory of all weights over a certain time interval and the availability of an amount indicator. You can also: • determine the weight of food products up to 5000 g (5 kg) - weighing mode. • Determine different nutritional values (protein content, fat content, cholesterol, carbohydrate content) - 950 foods in memory. • determine the energy value of 950 foods in kilocalories (kcal) or kilojoules (kJ). • determine the amount of carbohydrates in BE (in units of bread). • store data of food weighed for a certain period of time and display amounts (storage mode in memory). The Beurer DS 61 has such additional features: 1. Reminder tells you the need to replace the batteries. 2. Memorizes the name of certain products. 3. Warns about overheading the maximum weight. 4. Possibility to change measure units. 5. A function that allows you to weigh products one by one. 6. Automatic switch off after 90 seconds inactivity.

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