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Timesulin cap in Khmelnitsky online store Mhealth

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Timesulin cap,NULL,NULL,NULL
Warranty 0 month
Brand Medtronic
Timesulin with a timer is designed for a syringe pen, helping you not forget about inserting insulin. Shows when you last injected it, warns you and prevents a double dose. After each insulin administration, the Timesulin cap must be attached instead of the normal cap. The device has a 12 month battery life. After insertion of insulin, you need to wear a Timesulin cap, after which the time tick will begin. Three types of cap: for FlexPen syringe pen - insulin: Levemir, Novolog, Novolog Mix, Novorapid, Victoza for KwikPen syringe pen - insulin: Humalog, Humalog Mix for SoloStar syringe pen - insulin: Lantus, Apidra Timesulin FlexPen is not compatible with NovoPen 3 or NovoPen 4 insulin pens. Timesulin KwikPen is not compatible with HumaPen and HumaPen Memoir insulin hands Timesulin SoloStar is not compatible with OptiClik nebo ClikSt insulin pens

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