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Unit of measurement mmol / l or mg / dl (specify when purchasing, depends on supply)
Power lithium-ion battery One charge of the battery lasts for 7 days of use
Dimensions 95х60х16 mm
Weight 65 g
Warranty 0 month
Brand FreestyleLibre
Reader FreeStyle Libre displays data collected with the help of the sensor.One can see the current level of glucose on the screen. During each scaning. Reader reflects the indexes of glucose level for the last 8 hours and with the help of an arrow points the tendency of measurement – increasing or decreasing of glucose. The device gives the possibility to show the average meaning of measurements for 7,14,30 and 90 days. Data of measurement with graph can be kept till 90 days. To get the full information of glucose measurements during last 3 month, sensor must be changed each 14 days and scan at least one time each 8 hours. Reader can scan the sensor through light clothes on the distance of 4 sm. It is comfortable to wear it with one self. It’s very light and compact .Booster lightning lets use it in darkness.

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