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Startup package,Startup packages,NULL,NULL
Warranty 0 month
Brand FreestyleLibre
Startup package contains a reader and two 14day sensors. Sensor is attached to the back part of the hand with the help of one time applicator. A little sterile needle (5 mm long and 0,4 mm diameter) is placed under skin to attach the sensor. It will be placed painless. Expiration date of the sensor is shown on each box. Reader is used for reading measurement of glucose. It is easy in using. For reading of data you should put the reader to the sensor for one second. Under each scanning the reader shows the meashurement for last 8 hours and with the help of an arrow it shows the tendency of indexes. Reader lets read indexes through light clothes. The FreeStyle Libre program analyzes collected data for a long period of measurements. Such way of monitoring of glucose gives the possibility to get more information in comparison with test stripes. FreeStyle Libre is used for controlling the level of glucose in blood for people with diabetes. (agett from 4 years).

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Валушенко Марина Владимировна

Добрый день! В данном стартовом пакете ридер измеряет в мг или в ммоль/л?
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