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Sensor FreeStyle Libre in Khmelnitsky online store Mhealth

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Sensor FreeStyle Libre,NULL,NULL,NULL
Power sources silver oxide (1 battery)
Sensor life 14 days
Sensor memory 8 hours (glucose levels are recorded every 15 minutes)
Waterproof the ability to immerse in water at depths up to 1 m during 30 minutes
Dimensions 5 mm thickness and 35 mm in diameter
Weight 5 g
Warranty 0 month
Brand FreestyleLibre
Sensor FreeStyle Libre measures the level of glucose automatically all day and night each minute.It keeps the data of the glucose level in blood for last 8 hours.You can wear it during 14 days. The FreeStyle Libre sensor was designed for easily operation. The sensor attaches to the back of the hand with a single-use applicator. A small sterile needle (5 mm in length and 0.4 mm in diameter) injects under the skin during installation. In order for the sensor to attach to the skin, it is covered with a special glue. Sensor installs painlessly. The FreeStyle Libre software allows you to analyze the collected data for a long time. This way of measuring glucose allows you to get more information in contrast to the traditional measurement using test strips. At each scan, reader displays the measurements over the past 8 hours, and the arrow points to the trend. Reader reads indicators even through light clothing. The expiration date of the sensor is indicated on each package.

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